《Installation》Mitsubishi Grand Lancer



"Customer Installation"

Vehicle type: "Mitsubishi Grand Lancer”

Product: PROGi German shock absorber

German Inverted shock absorber
German Vertical shock absorber
The difference:
* Adjust the damping hardness switch: positively inserted in the upper seat of the shock absorber, inverted under the barrel
*The inverted insert core is relatively thick, so the lateral support force is sufficient
*Double oil seal design: the oil leakage rate is greatly reduced, almost zero.


※Features ※
1. Needle roller bearings: The cross-section is small, and have a high load capacity, making them ideal for bearing arrangements with limited radial

2. Hot-rolling hoist spring: Japanese material SAE9254, wide spacing, high ride comfort, not hard

3. Long barrel: hot coil spring with long barrel, maximum comfort, good Q feeling.

4. PU cushion & Silicone dust cover: different thickness, to increase the resistance to ensure quality; silicone temperature resistance -50 ° C ~ +120 ° C.

5. Tray two-stage design: To keep the wrench lock.

6. Stop screw design: Enhance screw positioning and improve safety.

7. Mono-tube: Road sense is clear.

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